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A Marketing Plan for BW Leisure Trust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A Marketing Plan for BW Leisure Trust - Essay Example Like any other commercial organization, BWLT also requires a proper marketing plan in order to become independent of tax payers’ money and to stay ahead of its rivals. A proper marketing plan that includes five major aspects such as ‘situational analysis’, ‘marketing objective’, ‘marketing strategy’, ‘implication’ and ‘control’ is presented in this paper. Each of these aspects is suitably analyzed in the context of BWLT in the following sections of this paper. Business Mission The principle mission of BWLT is operating the sporting assets in such a way that benefits the facility users and becoming a self-sufficient profit making organization within the next seven years. Situational Analysis Situational analysis is all about analyzing the internal as well as external environment of an organization. Strategic management tools like Porter’s five forces model and SWOT are useful for such analysis. Porterâ€⠄¢s five forces i.e. buyers’ bargaining power, suppliers’ power, threat of substitutes, rivalry among competitors and threat of new comers can be analyzed in the context of BWLT (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2009) In case of BWLT, users of the facilities have strong bargaining power as they can choose any other facilities according to their requirements. Suppliers of various equipments are likely to have medium to low bargaining power as there are number of entities that are in this business. Rivalry among the players is expected to be more intense in the coming days and threat from a newcomer is medium as significant volume of capital is must to start such a business. SWOT Analysis The major strength of BWLT is that its usefulness has been proved to the local people over the past few years. Furthermore, various schemes that are already introduced by it are found to be quite popular among the users. Major weakness of this charity trust is the fact that it is still dependent on t he tax payers’ money. In addition to that there are very few marketing related activities. The trust has almost no online presence which is a major drawback for an organization that desires to be self-funded in the coming years. Major opportunity that this trust can capitalize on is the fact that it can now target the entire population of UK. Other leisure facility providing centres and private gyms that can be considered as its competitors are likely to be the main threat for BWLT’s business. Marketing Objective Marketing objectives ought to be SMART i.e. it should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound (Walker, 2006). The primary marketing objective in case of BWLT is to enhance the involvement of the users of the facilities. Involvement of users is likely to be reflected by the increase in usage of the facilities and this in turn would reflect in the total sales volume. It is aimed that the business of BWLT will increase by 30% in the coming y ear. Furthermore, another main objective is to enhance the brand equity of BWLT and this can be measured while dealing with the both suppliers and customers. Each of these objectives is SMART in nature. Marketing Strategy Marketing strategy for BWLT can be developed by using tools like Ansoff Matrix. As per this matrix the trust will have four options i.e. market penetration, market development, product development and diversification (Mercer, 1996). In order to

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