Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Movie Theaters and Digital Distribution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Movie Theaters and Digital Distribution - Essay Example The technology boom has advantages and challenges. It is up to the industry to get its act together to make best use of the opportunities. It is no use blaming anyone including technology and competition for plunging fortunes. Innovations and internet is making inroads deep inside domains hitherto impenetrable. People, the young generation in particular, are taking advantage. But this need not lead anyone to press the panic button. A good look at causes for decline in business proves that it is not due to technological advances but rather in spite of it. The problem lies elsewhere. It could be any one or more than one of the reasons. It could be technology, piracy, lethargy, obsolescence, or just plain stupidity. Whatever it is, research proves that it is manageable. The opportunities are immense. The younger generation is reaping it. It is not their fault if established markets have failed to appropriate their share. (The Future of Music+Technology, and Online Music). The rapid growth of entertainment and media technology has clearly rattled the relevant industries of music, movies and information. Suddenly everyone is talking in terms of the Digital Rights Management (DRM) as if it is the panacea to all the ailments. The DRM is helpful in curbing piracy and even competition. But what happens if the content of the music and the movie fails to inspire Will the DRM claim responsibility Can any amount of piracy wreck the bond between Michael Jackson and his fans If Enrique Iglesias makes an appeal not to encourage piracy, it will be interesting to get feedback of how many fans oblige. It is all very well to talk about security, legal protection, strong infrastructure, good network, and so on. Entertainment and media is facing real challenges from the digital revolution. The best way to face these challenges is by using factors both technical as well as emotional. There are many ways to maintain good customer relations and balance sheet. Every customer is not a pirate. (Blake White). Theatre owners are changing over to multiplexes in a big way in order to lure viewers. This is an external factor and a good one! However, it is equally important to adequately update and organize internal factors such as viewer satisfaction, added values such as better seat arrangement, sensibilities, hospitality, comforts, and so on. Movie goers no longer visit theatres to only watch films. They want more value for their money. Pirates or Demons I think the issue of home theatre, piracy and online distribution is being overblown. Going through statistics and observations, one cannot but agree that the problem exists. But not in the proportion it is being made out to be. Where there is a will there is a way. The Southeast Asian nations have proved it. Malaysia saw piracy drop from 95% to 65%. (Kristen Bole). If every country in the world displayed similar resolute purpose, piracy could be curbed to a very great extent. The revolution in communication and media industries has impacted every industry. Those who survived are the ones who reviewed the situation, prepared for the changes

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