Saturday, August 24, 2019

NETFLIX Strategic Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

NETFLIX Strategic Analysis - Research Paper Example It has great impact on people’s disposable income which is directly related with the prospect of NETFLIX business. If disposable incomes are less people cannot spend money in entertainment purposes. Social: Social environment of the country is advanced. Citizens of the country are very well educated and having advanced mind setup. For that reason consumer want updated content. In every aspect of their life customers want convenience. They often look out for entertainment and take the much needed break from the daily routine. Technological: Technologically the country is world leader. It has significant impact on the company’s business. The country has witnessed frequent up gradation in technology in accordance with the demand for music. This macroeconomic environment is significantly volatile and uncertain as far NETFLIX is concerned. Environmental: Business environmental situation is not an unmixed blessing for the company. Raw materials are expensive and wages of skilled labors are high as compared with that in other countries. Getting dedicated and committed employee is a serious challenge for the company. Legal: The country has very structured legal framework (Afuah, 2014). Different rules and regulations are strict and companies must comply with the frameworks. But still there are different loop holes in legal frame works which may not be a good sign for the company. The company faces less volume of sales and less repeat purchases. Macroeconomic factors can be both golden opportunities and serious threats for the organization. It is very important for NETFLIX to operate their business peacefully and so stable political situations have great influences on the business of the organization (Kotler, 2009). In this case the political condition is an opportunity for NETFLIX. The economy of United States is on the recovery period and so it can be expected that the demand for the products of NETFLIX will rise which will open up a handful of

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