Monday, August 26, 2019

Intergrating the sciences and Practice of nursing Essay

Intergrating the sciences and Practice of nursing - Essay Example Therefore, the name is Jack and for confidentiality reasons, the placement setting will be anonymous. The patient gave consent after clear explanation regarding the information that is necessary for academic assignment purpose. The information in the report came from the patient, patient’s medical and nursing notes. Jack is a sixty-nine-year-old gentleman who has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) diagnosis for nine years. Since then, Jack’s health has deteriorated, and he has lost much weight. Jack stopped smoking in 2007 two years after he was diagnosed with COPD. Jack is a widower who lives alone at home and has two cares four times a day. Apparently, the wife died of breast cancer five years ago, and they have a daughter who lives 140 miles away and sees the father once in a month. The nurses admitted Jack to the admissions ward with shortness of breath. However, they later diagnosed the patient with COPD exacerbation caused by the chest infection. An exacerbation is the worsening of symptoms from their usual stable state (NICE, 2010). The typical symptoms associated with COPD exacerbation are degenerating breathlessness, cough with increased sputum production and change in sputum color (NICE, 2010). COPD is characterized with the obstruction of the airway, which the medical stuff cannot fully reverse and progresses over time (NICE, 2010). The progressive narrowing of peripheral, airways are making it difficult and eventually impossible to breath cause the airway obstruction. World Health organization (WHO) (2010) states that the primary cause of COPD is smoking. However, occupational dusts and chemicals, exposure to indoor air pollution in those, who use biomass and coal for cooking, and frequent lower respiratory infections during childhood can cause it, as well. The nursing process is a four-stage process consisting of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. It is an organized planning

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