Friday, August 2, 2019

House of the Spirits, Major Motifs Essay -- English Literature

House of the Spirits, Major Motifs Politics Pedro Tercero brought Socialism to the peasants of Tres Marias, and got Jaime very interested in justice, equality, and the peasant movement. The peasants want their feelings to be heard and want a socialist style of government, but they are afraid that Esteban Trueba will find out and kick them out of the estate. The people of Tres Marias have no desire to vote because they know that the ballots are changed. Pedro Tercero tries to make the people understand that this election will be different; there will be people from the socialist party watching the ballot taking and the ballot boxes will be sealed. The people of Tres Marias are beginning to understand how their problems can be solved, and how people should really be living. Esteban Trueba however, is on the other side of the political wings he needs full control over the peasants so his estate will function, he believes that the peasants can’t rule themselves. If his people vote for a socialist government he can’t kick them out because then he’ll have to kick everyone out, he will do more harm to himself through anger. Power Men are losing power. Jean de Satigny is handsome and a French count from all around the world, unlike other men, he has experienced what the world has to offer. He is civilized and has lots of money to flaunt to his lover, but even though he has so much he can’t get Blanca to marry him. Someone with so much has no power over the women he wants. Esteban has no power over Clara when he needs it most, and when he wants complete control over her she can avoid him or hide from him. He tries to go back to raping peasants, but he can’t lift them up onto his saddle because his age. H... ...ut Esteban doesn’t understand the unexplainable attraction of love and sees it as bondage of two people from the same class. The love between Blanca and Pedro Tercero is the strongest love in the whole book. The devotion of the two to stay together through all the years is something close to magic. Starting out from playing in mud and sleeping naked under the dinner table on top of each other like two fitting puzzle pieces, perfect. Then through the years getting more and more serious until their love cannot be separated by Esteban’s skeptical morals. They start to sneak out at night to meet by the river where they embrace and make love ending in the same position from when they first met. The love between the two lovers is natural not between class, money, family, or looks, but between two people who found love and will never let anyone take it from them.

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