Thursday, August 8, 2019

Assignment 9 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Assignment 9 - Essay Example He brings his personal experiences and concerns while working at General Motors Assembly line. We are bound to understand him better as he uses his voice to bring out the actual nature of activities and also to let us know the real account of issues as they are. This leads us into taking a position that would not have been possible if such a case was historical in totality. Moreover, he exhibits a different working setting where someone can evade tasks assigned to him or her without eminent consequences, thus delegating the same to another person at the expense of that party. The interests of a person should not be a priority over those of the entire organization. One should strive to provide the best effort for the benefit of the organization and personal utility. For example, Hamper would skive his duties by teaming up with another person, ‘’double up’’ hence when that person did both working, he would hover around in the industry or even reading. Having the ability to do whatever he wants, Hamper jeopardizes the activities of GM as no one seems to care what happens regardless of the expectations. This way he puts personal interests first at the expense of the organization. He seems more interested at how well he can spend time outside the assembly line forgetting that he is duty bound to deliver. The working environment doesn’t seem to favor his bid to have an enjoyable stay. Discipline is also a key to any successful entity. This stipulates and thus lays a framework of how employees should carry out themselves since this is the source from which the external environment paints a general picture of the organization. The common effort of everyone is therefore called to task. In his book, Hamper fails to display any of these as he operates at his will to any direction he feels like. On one hand, the organization ought to institute penalty programs that must be applied judiciously to those who fail to attain the discipline thre shold and on the other hand ensure that the common effort is safeguarded. Moreover, General Motors offers the best state of affairs however according to the author he uses various diversions in order kill boredom and monotony of work. He also never tries to change the situation although the work unions are never harsh to negotiate with. The unions seems to be selective and discriminatory since the writer, apart from managing in his own way, finds it even easier to maneuver his way through them. These serve to give him more room to work uninterrupted even when things don’t seem to work well. The work environment today poses a great challenge to those entrusted with responsibility since one has to deliver to the stakeholders and other interested parties. This entails the account of every single resource used in the verge of the operations of the organizations. The same will enable match efforts utilized with the results realized. The working milieu seems relaxed and without cle ar cut strategies and rules all of which tend to cover rights and specific duties of employees. These regulations have to be adhered to with strictness if the company has to realize its goals of his and thus objectives. The foregoing is not a true account of what happens at GM. ‘Rivethead’ displays a work environment where one person works for two therefore giving room for the other one to be away for a couple of hours. The author, in an attempt to forget all his tribulations in the assembly line

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