Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Final self-assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Final self-assessment - Essay Example1. How does your enthymeme help determine the boldness of your canvass? Choose one of the essay cycles from the quarter and explain how and where the essays enthymeme drives its organization. Directly quote or paraphrase from the essay to support your answer, and provide citation for all quotations and paraphrases.The essay virtue and trust was establish on the enthymeme that the rich people in the society are the most morally corrupt base on the depictions in most entertainment media. Therefore, the organization of the essay relied on the ability to draw references form the various depictions of the rich people in the media and the actual perception of the people in the society. The essay is separate into various sections, which are aimed at independently expounding on the issue of virtue and trust. The first section of the essay is the introduction, which briefly highlights the topic in identify to engage the reader on what the essay will e ntail. In the essay, the line The entertainment media has continuously brought out the working class as uncouth, un-nurtured, unlettered, undesirable and less(prenominal) moral than the middle and upper classes in the society (2.2, 1) provides the enthymeme which is aimed at provoking the reader to establish whether the educational activity is accepted. In order to establish the validity of this statement the introduction offers a thesis statement . Is it true that the working class lack virtue due to their physical appearance and outward presentation? Is it true that speech, grooming, and association define virtue? (2.2, 1). Therefore, the rest of the essay uses a thirteen-paragraph structure, which expounds the validity or invalidity of the claim. For instance, the observation that The society judges people mostly based on the outcomes of their actions and not on the contri saveions that they make to society proves that the depiction of the wealthy people in the society is not b ased on their wealth but due to how they treat other

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